What you like or dislike about being a teenager?

In Context

Cateogory :- Psychology

Approach:- Self Realization

"His best companions, innocence and health;

And his best riches ignorance and wealth.

How happy he who crowns in shades like

A youth of labor with an age of ease,"

said Oliver Goldsmith.

Indeed a teenager has the best of both worlds. On committing a mistake one is easily pardoned, being a child. On the other hand, if something is not to one's liking one can always throw tantrums. Teenage is thus more akin to, enjoying the fruit of adulthood, without having to shoulder its responsibilities.

The best thing about being a teenager is that elders including your parents and teachers take you seriously. Your individuality is respected and you are not taken for granted. While just a few years ago, you were shooed away to play when anything important was being discussed. Now you are called upon to participate and give your views on the same, this boosts your confidence and self-esteem.

One is bubbling with energy and euphoria. There is the desire to pursue hobbies like outdoor and indoor games. The desire to excel in sports makes many teenagers excel in it. Some even win laurels for themselves and the country, by winning awards and prizes

Be Yourself

Youth and beauty are the hallmarks of this age. One is more conscious about one's looks. While girls are the embodiment of beauty at "sweet sixteen", boys tend to emulate the eternal hero, symbolized as “tall, dark and handsome". To further accentuate this God-gifted beauty fashion comes in handy. There is a craze to indulge in the latest fashion to get noticed

Bereft of any worries or responsibilities there is a sense of complete freedom. Making friends, socializing, and indulging in one's hobby is the major pastime. Gone are the restrictions of childhood for one is now independent.

However everything is not 'hunky-dory' for this stage in life is, also perhaps, one of the most interesting, intense, and at the same time complicated period. One experiences an identity crisis, that is accentuated by the physical changes that occur. This makes one sensitive and emotional. It is also the time to take major decisions, which have a profound effect on one's life. Studying for getting good grades in school and qualify in various competitive examinations is the cause of great stress in teenagers. The desire to excel is further accentuated by the high expectations of parents and peers. This makes them burn the midnight oil. Often the mental stress is so overpowering that some take to drugs or even contemplate suicide. Gone are the daydreams of childhood, that have now have been replaced with real-life harsh realities.

Teenage life is the most interesting period in one's life, yet intense, and complicated. However being free from worldly worries, life is full of enjoyment and energy. Given a choice, one would like to remain a teenager throughout life. But alas! Just as time and tide wait for none', similarly this phase in life also comes but once.

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