There are "Three Kinds of People" in the world

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cateogory :-Psychology

approach:- Boost up your self confidence

There is much truth in the statement There are three kinds of people in the world me wills, the won't, and the can'ts. The first accomplish everything, the second oppose everything, and the third fail in everything. Man is the only creature in the universe endowed with metal faculty which gives him the will and the resolve to accomplish difficult This mental strength enabled him to conquer space and the imposing mountains. He broke new ground in science and technology, art, and almost all fields of human endeavor, not because of physical prowess, but his firm resolve and willpower. All of us possess this quality in big or small measure. Men in the category of 'wills' have been known to achieve the impossible. The 'won'ts on the other hand oppose challenges and hence miss opportunities that come their way, while the 'cant's lacking in self-confidence meekly surrender before challenges and hence fail. Such lesser mortals lead an ignoble existence for people with a wavering mind and feeble will, cannot succeed in life. According to Victor Hugo, "People do not lack strength, they lack the will."

Be Positive

People in the category of will' are blessed with a positive attitude and an optimistic approach to problems. They firmly believe in the words of Edmund Burke, "He that wrestles with us strengthens our nerves, and sharpens our skills. Our antagonist is our helper." The spectacular progress in all fields of human endeavor is because of their never say die attitude. On the other hand, the won'ts have a negative and pessimistic attitude to problems. They find reasons for not taking on the task and are an impediment to progress. The can'ts lack self-confidence and application which makes them fail in everything they take-up

Boost up Your Self Confidence

The history of mankind is replete with instances of ordinary people achieving great things, by sheer dint of willpower and hard work. The Wright Brothers broke their limbs, but they finally succeeded in achieving their dream of flying. Such heroes are my ideals, and I place myself firmly in the category of the Wills'.

To me, life is a challenge to be faced boldly and optimistically. This positive attitude makes me see an opportunity in a difficult situation. The never say die attitude, impels me to take on the challenge, for I know that my efforts will not be in vain. The thought of failure does not daunt me, for I believe it is a stepping stone to success. I have confidence in myself and am convinced that my perseverance will sooner or later bear fruit.

One must therefore not only wish and aspire for something but also work with resolve to achieve it, for 'God helps those who help themselves. The won'ts and the can'ts, have no place in the highly competitive world of today for "Great souls have will, feeble ones have only wished " and wish we know lead nowhere

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