"The use of mobile phones has lowered active social life and has become an addiction"

Mobile Phone destroying our social life

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Cateogory :- Psychology

Approach:- Self IMprovement

Mobile phones undoubtedly, are one of the most spectacular developments, ever to have taken place in the field of telecommunication. They offer the easiest and simplest way to stay connected, with our near and dear ones, thus augmenting and invigorating our social life. However, on the contrary, they have actually lowered active social life, and have become an addiction for the youth of today. The young generation is enamoured by this latest gadgetry. Smartphones undisputedly offer many conveniences, like access to the Internet, entertainment, social networking and the ability to use idle time, (time spent in travelling or leisure) to best use. It is however some of these conveniences that have actually eroded social life. The urge to stay connected with our own circle of friends and relatives has made us a social outcast in the society in which we live. It is quite common to find a group of youngsters sitting together in a place talking on the phone to people far away, unmindful of the presence of others around. They are thus more concerned and connected to people far away, than to those around them. Such behaviour dissuades them in cultivating new friendship, in the mistaken belief that they are more secure by staying connected to their known circle of friends. This virtual networking actually weakens their active social life.

The convenience of utilising the idle time also affects us socially. Business executives and professionals are the worst sufferers. They have no time for leisure as they can be called for work whenever the need arises. This not only affects their social life but also their family life. The ringing of a mobile is a real nuisance on occasions like an important meeting, praying or participating in a funeral. Nevertheless, it is now becoming indispensable and addiction because of many value-added features that provide social networking, and entertainment. These features have caught the imagination of the youth who spend hours on their smartphones. According to psychiatrists, this causes compulsive disorders and is one of the biggest addictions in the 21" century. Spending excessive time with mobiles isolates the person from society.

Mobile addicts tend to neglect obligations towards family, work or study and drift away from friends. Being victims of low self-esteem, they have problems with developing social relations and are more comfortable in the virtual world. They feel insecure without their phones. In its absence, they suffer from anxiety, irritability and sleeplessness. Besides the addictive influence of mobiles, medical research has proved that it can cause a serious health hazard for the frequent user.

Undoubtedly mobile phones have made our lives safer and more comfortable. However, like all good things their excessive use has adversely impacted our social life and has now become an addiction.

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