"The Unconscious is the discourse of the Other"

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Category :-Psychotherapy

Approach :- Psychoanalysis

The unconsciousness is the place where all the memories that we wish to push aside are stored and cannot be retrieved consciously.The unconscious sometimes speaks to the conscious self in limited ways . I believe that the unconscious self presents itself to the waking self through dreams, symbols and in the language of archeotypes and it expresses itself through motivational behaviour and accidental "slip of tongue"

The one thing that the various people do agree on is that the unconscious holds a bigger picture than that retained by the conscious self .THe language of unconsciousness is not that of the self but of "OTHER"

A sense of Self:-

We easily take for granted the notion of the self -that each of us exists as a separate individual being who views the world through our own eyes, is familiar with the boundaries that separate us from others and the world around us,, and assumes a separateness. "Our sense of Self" is shaped by our awareness of "other" or the world outside ourselves and it is the language of others that forms over deepest thoughts in thinking and in the way we interact with our environment but what if there was nothing out there that we could recognize as being separate from ourselves ? We would then be unable to conceptualize our sense of self because there would be no delineated being to think about. The only way we have of determining that as individuals we are distinct from the world all around us in our ability to recognize the separateness of ourselves from our environment from the other which allows us to become the subject I Therefore I conclude that each of us is a "self" only because we have a concept of "others"

The other is the absolute oftenness that lies beyond the self it is the environment into which we are born and which we have to "translate" or make sense of to survive and thrive.

An infant must learn to assemble sensations into concepts and categories in order to function in the world and he or she does this by gradually acquiring an awareness an understanding of a series of signifiers can only come to us from the external world that lies beyond the self,Therefore they must have been formed from the language or what I prefer calling "The discourse of other"

We are only able to think or to express our ideas and emotions through language and the only language we have according to me is that of the "other".

The sensations and images that translate into the thoughts and our unconscious must therefore be constructed from this language of "Other" or "The Unconscious is the discourse of the Other"

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