"The family is the factory where people are made "

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The role that a person assume in the family of origin( the family they grew up in) tends to be the seed from which adult will grow it is recognized important that the original family place in shaping personality and look differences s between a healthy functioning family and one that was dysfunctional Roles the people tend to adopt in in order to compensate when healthy dynamics are lacking between family members.Healthy family life involves open and reciprocated display of affection and expression of positive regard and love for one another


When family members lack the ability to openly Express emotion and affection it is suggested that personality roll tends to emerge in place of authentic identity. There are 5 commonly noted roll that individual family members are likely to adopt at a pressure in times of stress. These are the family member who constantly finds fault and criticizes "the blamer"; the non-affectionate intellectual" the computer"; the person who stirs things up in order to shift the focus away from emotional issue“The distractor"; the apologetic people pleaser "the plactor" open, honest and the direct communicator" the leveler"

Only levelers maintain a healthy, Congreve position with their inner feelings matching their communication with the rest of the family. Others adopt their various roles because low self-esteem makes them afraid to show or share their true feelings. Plactors afraid of disapproval; Blammer attack others too hard feeling of unworthiness; computers rely on the intellect to stop them acknowledging their feelings; and distracters often the youngest in the family believe they will only be loved if they are seen as cute and harmless

These are adopted roles may allow the family to function but they can overwhelm each individual ability to be his or her authentic self. In order to cast aside, these false identities s whether as children or as adults we must accept self-worth as a birthright. Only then will it be possible to start moving towards our truly fulfilling existence this begins with a commitment to straight forward open and honest communication

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