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Hello dear readers first I would like to thank you for reading my blogs and guess they are not that interesting I know but please manage

so today's let me write about the year 2020, ok when we all think about the year 2020 what strikes back to our mind is just pain sorrow loss, etc but the year 2020 was not the same for everyone, what I mean is that 2020 brought a lot of changes in our lives so let me begin with the first change it gave us or I must say the most dreadful change in our life made by 2020 was the spread of Covid 19 I guess everyone is aware of what covid 19 is you are not then I would be attaching a link below at the end you can refer click on it and get to know abt it. The covid 19 pandemic which spread got spread in the whole world in 2020 made every human being sit home I mean there was a lockdown and shutdown everywhere and no one was allowed even if to step out of their houses bcoz of this deadly virus. Some people were working continuously to keep everyone safe and they were the frontline workers (police officials, municipality workers, doctors, and medical staff, etc )who worked day and night just to keep the civilians safe.

In the year 2020, I would say most of us were broken except a few people who were happy though but most of the people were broken bcoz they had been through a lot as in 2020 most of us lost our family members, our friends, our loved one as there were not able to fight with this virus and gave up and they died we lost them.

when we all will reach the mark of let's take 55-60 years of age we all would be at our mid ages white greyish hairs in place of black shinny hairs and probably with a white mustache or a white beard(exception some just trim the beard or even the mustache ) we all would be successful in our life and we would be sitting on the lawn in front of our house and we would be reading a newspaper or might be a book (e-book included)and there would be a tea table along with a cup of tea on it we would we take a sip of the tea and suddenly you recall abt the year 2020 what would you think of first you will thank the god for keeping you alive through this year and how everyone has been through a great financial crisis the rich had no effect and the poor died and second we would be describing the events we have been through to our children and we would be happy coz we have survived a great man-made disaster and we would be thankful to the almighty for those movements.

Covid 19 didn't only bring up bad In our life it was like a blessing of god for mother nature to heal itself bcoz of the lockdown and shut down the use of a vehicle was stopped and the there was no pollution as everything that was a source of pollution was put at hold (factories, power plants, etc )

overall covid 19 was neither a boon nor a ban it was just a hit by the god to teach mankind a lesson of life

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