"Silence is Golden"

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Disclaimer:- Do not relate this with the life of the author, it's just an imagination

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Romantic relationships are the spice of life, they make us feel alive in a way that nothing else can. Genuine romance exists when two people show that they care for each other through small acts of love and affection. We feel loved and cared for when we know that our significant other is thinking about how to give us the most pleasure. Romance is the key to keeping the sparks flying. Without it, any relationship will soon lose its shine.

Silence Is Golden

©Psychology and Philosophy

Published: January 2022

They say silence is Golden, I believe it is true, Because in that Golden silence, my thoughts occur of you. You are the flame in my candle that lights the darkness of my room, You are the scented flowers that makes my heart full bloom. You are the butterflies that flicker in my stomach all day long, When I know I will be holding you before my day is done. You are the stars that shimmer and shine, You light up the skies above In this Golden silence it's truly you love. You are the thunder of the night, your lightning strikes whenever, Into my soul that makes me whole, and excites my heart forever. You are my paradise, my oceans wide, My mountains standing tall, So in this Golden Silence I love you most of all.

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