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Category:- Poem Based on Mother Earth

Conservation of biodiversity & ecosystems can inhibit the growth of pathogens and stop the spread of zoonotic diseases like COVID19. On #WorldEnvironmentDay, let’s all pledge to keep our environment healthy & safeguard biodiversity for a better future for mankind.

Our Mother earth

ⒸPsychology and Philosophy

Published:- June 2K21

This Mother Earth,

Who gives us life;

This Mother Earth,

A heart filled with strife,

We love her not,

Though love we should;

Her death we plot,

For life's "own good;"

She gave us air, and food, and home.

That's not enough we humans scream;

With greedy lust, our mouths do foam,

With evil hopes, our eyes do gleam;

Her air we fill

With smoke and death;

Ourselves we kill,

For lack of breath;

The sea once clean,

Now choked with waste;

To drink, we fear,

Will death make haste;

The soil once pure

And full of life,

Now barren sand

Of farmers' strife;

No longer she

Can stand our "love;"

Now we must flee

Like scattered dove;

She gave us all,

Unto the end;

Now we appalled,

Our lives defend.

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