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approach:-Humanistic psychoanalysis

Creativity and Love:-

Paradoxically it is believed that the only way we can find the sense of wholeness we seek is through the discovery of our individuality. we can achieve this by forming our own ideas and passions, and through creative purpose, because "creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties"

One of the critical ways in which man delivers himself from isolation is through his capacity to love. My concept of love is vastly different from popular understandings of the world. To me love is not an emotion, nor is it dependent on finding an object to love. It is an interpersonal creative capacity that one must actively develop as a part of one's personality. I say that it is just an attitude, an ordination of character which determines the relatedness of the person to the whole world

In terms of personal love for another, I say that the main tenets are care, responsibility, respect, and knowledge -an objective knowledge of what other people truly want and need. Love is only possible through respecting the separateness and uniqueness of ourselves and another; Paradoxically, this is how we develop the ability to create connectedness. Love demands a great amount of respect for another person as an individual, and it is based on autonomy, not a blending of personality. In our overwhelming desire to connect and unify, we try to love but our relationship often results in an unloving imbalance. We think we are loving, but in reality, we may be seeking another form of conformity. We think we are loving, but in reality, we may be seeking another form of conformity. We say "I love you" when we really mean "I see me in you", "I will become you" or I will possess you".In loving, we try to lose our uniqueness or steal it from the other person . Our yearning to exist "as one"makes us want to see ourselves reflected in other people, which in turn leads us to artificially impose our own traits onto someone else.

The only way to love, I say is to love freely, granting the other person their full individuality; to respect the other persons differing opinions, preferences, and belief systems. Love is not found by fitting one person into another's mold and it is not a question of finding the perfect "match".I say it is a union with somebody or something, outside oneself, under the condition of retaining the separateness and integrity of one's own self.

"Know thyself is one of
the fundamental commands
that aim at human strength
and happiness"

Many people spend vast amounts of time and money attempting to cultivate the self that they feel is most worthy of acceptance and most likely to result in being loved or desired. This is futile, because only a person who has a strong sense of self and can stand firmly within their own understanding of the world, can give freely to others and love in an authentic way. Those who tend to orient themselves was receiving love instead of being loving with fail; they will also seek to establish a receiving relationship in other ways, always wanting to be given things- material or immaterial-rather than to give. These people believe the source of all good things lies outside themselves, and they constantly feel the need to acquire, though this brings no relief.

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