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approach:-Humanistic psychoanalysis

The ability to find meaning in our lives is the defining characteristicof humankind, it also determines whether we follow a path of joy and fulfillment or tread a road of dissatisfaction and strife. I believe that although life is inherently painful, we can make it bearable by giving it meaning through pursuing and constructing an authentic self. The ultimate aim of human life is to develop the most precious quality man which is endowed with -the love of life.

Life is inherently fraught with emotional frustration because man lives in a stage of struggle. He is constantly trying to balance his individual nature -his existence as a separate being -with his need for connection. There is a part of man's inherent self that only knows how to exist in a united state with others; it lives at one with nature and at one with other people. Yet we see ourselves as separate from nature and isolated from one another. Worse still, we have the unique capacity to ponder the fact of this separation and think about our isolation. Man, gifted with reason, is life being aware of itself.

Our separation from nature originated with the growth of intellect, which has made us aware of our separateness. It is our ability to reason and relate that lets us transcend nature. It provides the capabilities for productive living and affords us to realize that we exist alone in this world.

"It seems that nothing is
more difficult for the average
man to bear than the feeling
of not being identified
with a larger group"

Reason makes us aware of our own mortality and the mortality of our loved ones>This understanding creates a chronic source of tension and unbearable loneliness that we are always seeking to overcome man's inherent state of being is one of anxiety and hopelessness. But there is hope because man can overcome his sense of isolation and alienation through finding his purpose.

However as we strive to become free, unique individuals, we still feel the need for unity with others and in trying to balance these needs we may seek out the comfort of confirming to a group or an authority. This is a misguided approach, it is imperative to discover one's own independent sense of self and one's own personal views and value systems, rather than adhering to conventional or authoritarian norms. if we try to hand responsibility for our choices to other people or institutions we become alienated from ourselves, when the very purpose of our lives is to define ourselves through embracing that which differentiates each of us from other people. Man's main task is to give birth to himself. In doing so, he frees himself from confusions, loneliness , and apathy

The creativity of artists encourages them to interpret the world around them in new ways.The world's most highly acclaimed artists have always essentially been non conformist.

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