Language is a Social Art

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Language is about the relationship between words and things but some people disagree and say language is not about the relationship between objects and verbal signifiers but about knowing what to say and when to say.

Imagine that we came across some people – perhaps natives of another country – to speak a language we do not share. We are sitting with a group of these people when a rabbit appears from and one of the natives says"gavagai" and we start is there a connection between the event and appearance of the rabbit and the fact that the name that the native said "gavagai" as time goes on we know that every time somebody says gavagai so we conclude that gavagai can be reliably translated as a Rabbit."Gavagai" could mean all manner of things it could mean "oh, look a dinner" for example or it would mean" behold of fluppy creature"

To determine the meaning of gavagai we could try another method we could point to other fluffy creatures or other things on the dinner menu and see if our utterance of Gavagai met with ascent or descent but even if we were to reach a position wherein each and every occasion on which"Gavagai" was uttered, we ourselves would utter the word rabbit, we still could not be sure that this was an appropriate translation."Gavagai" could mean set of rabbit parts or wood living rabbit or rabbit or Hare. It might even prefer to a short prayer that must be uttered whenever a rabbit is seen

In attempting to establish the precise meaning of The Mysterious "Gavagai" therefore we might think that solution would be to learn the language of information thoroughly so that we could be sure of the context in which the word was spoken but this should only result in multiplying the problem because we could not be sure that the other words we found ourself using to explain the meaning of"Gavagai" where them self accurate translation and this conclude that language was, is and will always be a social art

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