Inner Strength

Each one of us will face hard times at some point in life. Sometimes the hardships come for a short season, and other times they seem to last longer than anticipated. Even though those moments feel like they are going to break us, we each have incredible strength that can push us forward. Having the determination and mindset to persevere can make all the difference.

Even though the struggles in life are not fun, and we wish we could do without them, they help develop our character. They teach us lessons we would not learn when things are pleasant. Each struggle we overcome is one more that shows us we can make it through anything. We hope these poems inspire you to find the courage to keep fighting whatever you are facing at the moment. Get ready to put the past behind you and embrace the future.

Inner Strength


It's only through mistakes we make

We learn where we went wrong.

It's only when we're far from home

We realize where we belong.

It's only when we close our eyes

Our dreams seem clear and bright.

It's only in our darkest hours

We truly see the light.

It's only when we lose our way

We pray to the stars above.

It's only through times of grief

We learn the true meaning of love.

It's only when all hope seems lost

And our weary journey seems so far,

When all the world's against you,

We learn how strong we really are.

All things are sent to try us.

We must strive and give our best.

I believe God is watching over us,

And he guides us in our que​st.

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