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Approach :-Never loose hope

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Genuine feelings of self worth, confidence, and happiness can be elusive. Sometimes you need a little inspiration to believe in yourself and find a source of motivation. Often other people's words or experiences can give you just that inspiration. They can also help you to live up to challenges, become the person you want to be, try new things, learn from your mistakes, and find happiness. Life may not be perfect, but it can still be beautiful. You just have to learn how to find inspiration in life, in spite of its many imperfections.

For All Those People

© Psychology and Philosophy

Published: June 2K21

This is for all those people Who hides in the dark, For those who feel hopeless, For those with a broken heart. This is for every child and teen Who is trying to flee from their fears, For those who cry themselves to sleep, For those who drown in their tears. This is for people who hide their scars Upon their wrists and their thighs. I want to remind each of you There is a reason you're alive. You are here for a purpose; You are needed in this place. You are special, you are beautiful. It doesn't matter what gender or race. You are perfect just the way you are. You are priceless, a wonderful new. You are dearly treasured by many. There is no one more important than you.

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