"Don't Give Up on Yourself"

What is courage? What defines a courageous act?

It is said that the brave and cowardly person is both fearful However, it is the brave one who faces his fear and does what needs to be done. We will be faced with many things that scare us throughout our lives. How can we become the kind of people that face our fear and do it anyway? Human growth takes place when we take small steps. Each time we face our fears we become more of the courageous person that we would like to be

Don't Give Up On Yourself

Ⓒ Psychology and Philosophy

I'm on my way.

They may ask me, "Where to?"

Well, that I cannot say...

For even I have no clue.

I know it's rather far,

For it has to make me whole.

The road to the stars,

The path to my soul.

I must go alone,

But I'll miss you all, believe me.

I must travel into the unknown,

I must sail all of the seas.

You see, I've lost something of mine.

It's special and grand...

Magnificent in its design.

How I lost it is hard to understand.

What did I lose?

Well...I'm not exactly sure.

Please, my confusion you must excuse...

I just know I must find a cure.

I have a terrible disease,

The name of it escapes me.

But it stops your hair from blowing in the breeze.

It stops your heart from feeling free.

I think it's called "Lack of Adventure,"

But correct me if I'm wrong.

That is why I must go on this venture,

For my very essence ,I must prolong.

I think I may have left my heart somewhere

Or the part of me that believes....

I'll be back soon, I swear!

But for a while, I must leave.

I know I'm on my way,

And though I may not know where

Myself I cannot betray...

For I know I'm somewhere out there.

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