Bonds of Friendship

cateogory :- friendship poem

Disclaimer:- Do not relate this with the life of the writer it is just an imagination

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Published:-December 2021

From the day that I first knew you, Your heart was pure and kind; Your smile was sweet and innocent, Your wit was well refined. The sparkle in your eyes was keen, Your friendship fast and real; Soft words were your virtue, And humor your appeal. We grew as friends together, We laughed and shared our dreams; Along the way crush or two, Went unrevealed, it seems. As years rolled on, our paths were split, Our roads went separate ways; We each pursued our interests, That occupied our days. We soon forgot our youthful bliss, Of tender carefree years; We didn't talk or keep in touch, Throughout life's pain and tears. Then my darkest hour came, And tried me to my core; To save my heart from ruin, I closed and locked the door. Then out of every nowhere, With precise directed cue; An old familiar smile, Came slowly into view. Although much time was gone, And the die of fate long cast; It was as if we hadn't missed, A second of the past. You listened with attentive care, And reassured my mind; That loving hearts are still alive, With purpose and design. Deep inside I've locked way, Emotions yet untold; As time goes on, and bonds grow strong, They will all unfold. So thank you, friend, for taking time, To demonstrate your love; It's yet another blessing that, I'm undeserving of.

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