"Better days will come, Just wait for Sun "

In context

Cateogory:-Life Poems

Approach:-Never lose hope

My poem is about holding on for better days and waiting for the bad times to pass, this poem is just trying to say please don't think things will always be this bad. Please don't give up. You are not alone. It is a plea to anyone who might ever feel like there is nothing left to live for.

Better days will come, Just Wait For The Sun

© Psychology and Philosophy

Published: May 2K21

When everything's darkness And you feel so alone, When the rain doesn't stop And you can't make it home, When it feels all is lost And you just want to run, It can't rain forever. Just wait for the sun. When the family is in pain, When friends can't be found, When you just want to scream But you can't find the sound, When it's all your fault, And you feel like you're done, Just wait for the sun. The sunshine will come. The storm always passes. It won't last forever. The rain always stops and gives way to good weather. The brightest and warmest of days still to come. Please wait for the sun. The sunshine will come. People who need you, People who still love you Can warm up your soul like the sunshine above you. You're never alone, No matter what's done. Wait for the sun. Just wait for the sun. Dark clouds always pass. I promise you, We're all waiting for you. Just wait for the sun.

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