"Be Unique"

answer yourself what makes you unique

Each one of us is unique. We have each been given gifts and talents that we can use to make the world a better place, but too often, we allow society to make us feel interior. We struggle with low self-esteem and buy into the lie that we don't have anything to offer the world. We look at the strengths of other people while only focusing on our weaknesses. These thoughts become self-destructive, and before we know it, we begin hating who we are.

"Be Unique"

We all must walk the journey toward self-acceptance. For some, the path is smooth, while for others, it has many bumps and twists along the way. These poems showcase the journey many people have walked to find self-acceptance and truly love who they are. May you find the strength and courage to love yourself and see your unique qualities as strengths and not weaknesses.

In context

Type: Motivational poetry

approach :Self improvement

I know who I am


Because I know who I am,

I'm at ease and free.

I can't be like others,

And they can't be me.

I've got fading scars,

An unusual physique,

But it all works together

To make me unique.

I've got hidden strengths,

Some obvious flaws.

Still I am who I am,

For better, for worse.

I don't have to blend in;

I won't live a lie.

I can't please everyone;

I won't even try.

Some call me proud;

Others stare at me in alarm.

But I'm not one to bother,

Because I know who I am.

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