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Am I Broken Or Am I Whole?

Ⓒ Thyspeakerfida

Look into my eyes

and tell me what you see.

Do you see a reckless boy

or someone depressed at 15?

Do you dare see the tears

that spread across my skin?

Do you see all my losses

or the very few I win?

If you dare to touch my hand,

will you feel my softness

or will you feel the calluses

from burns and feeling-less?

Do you see unflawed youth,

or do you see a broken child?

Do you see all my pain,

or do you see me just as wild?

Can you tell I'm screaming

out for help I need?

Or am I just the silence of

the whistling wind without heed?

Look into these eyes

and peer into my soul.

Tell me, what do you see?

Am I broken or am I whole?

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