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Love is a dynamic and changing emotion. Sometimes it grows and sometimes it fades. Moving on from a relationship or marriage, leaving behind a past love, or pursuing a new fling can be scary, uncertain, and difficult. However, the prospect of change and new experiences can also be exciting and a time for discovery. Focusing on the opportunities and experiences ahead rather than dwelling in past memories can help us to move forwards. Our lives are in flux in every experience and moment, and letting go, no matter how difficult, is an important part of that process.

Always Be

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We've connected through times of joy Even through times of pain I can see right through your show and Unfortunately, I have to let you know That you are the one for me You have and will always be I've seen the way you look at me And although I may turn with chagrin I'll never be able to show you Just the way I feel I know that one day I will be free From this feeling of regret and sorrow But for now, all I have to say is My life will move on today With or without you ..will you stay If I beg you, don't leave Will, you still be there for me And if I should choose to let you see You have and will always be The only one for me Someday down the line Maybe one day I'll let you in It's been the hardest thing for me To feel this way and pretend But maybe one day if there's a chance You'll see exactly what I saw That I am the one you need For now, I just want to be free.

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